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KeithStories are not just for children! Everyday conversation is full of personal funny events and real life stories. "Do you what happened on the way to the supermarket? Well, I was just about to enter the store when ............." Stories are everywhere around us in magazines, newspapers, books and on TV. They are part of our daily experience. .

Many older stories are originally traditional folktales. Some come from group experiences while others are from individuals. Both historical stories and contemporary stories are told today.

There are many examples of stories: myths, fairytales, animal stories, stories of the natural world, faith stories, Bible stories, Celtic epics, sagas, wonder tales, Traveller tales, Gaelic stories, funny stories, wisdom tales, supernatural tales, heroic stories and Jack tales.

"Storytelling happens when the story is told person to person, live, without print or technology."

Storytelling is not the remembering and oral presentation of written text; it involves the imagination of the storyteller and engages with the imagination of the hearer. Thereby it is an interaction of hearts and minds. It is a human art shared between people and stimulates the imagination.

People of different cultures and backgrounds, different ages and education can be 'taken out of themselves' and experience not only pleasure but also a greater understanding of themselves, their neighbours and their environment.

"The story is told eye to eye, mind to mind, and heart to heart." Scottish Traveller Proverb

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